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Power: He has absolute awareness of his surroundings.

Weakness: He is compelled to describe to others what is happening..

Origin: John Brolin was just an everyday moviegoer, constantly pointing out what’s happening onscreen to his friends and strangers. After watching a Lord of the Rings marathon with his buddies, Hobbit movies included, one of his friends finally snapped and electrocuted John. His brain was then supercharged and can process everything 10x faster than normal. Now he fights crime as Captain Obvious! pointing out ongoing crimes to the police, ensuring the crime is reported to the proper authorities.

Nemesis: His cousin, Jack Brolin aka Captain Hindsight, is the only one who is immune to John’s abilities, and vice versa. They fight a never-ending battle of annoyingly talking ABOUT the crime instead of stopping it.

Bonus: It MIGHT be possible for him to fully document SCP-055 and then remember it later, but highly doubtful. But maybe SCP-____-J…… Where was I going with this?

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What’s so hard to believe about that? It’s not like market size has the influence that it does in the NBA or the MLB. None of the other jobs comes with an older roster. That old roster is expensive and hard to dismantle as well. On that roster is a leadership void at the most important position, as well as a headcase with the loudest voice in the locker room. There’s only a small amount of young talent to offset all of that.

Wouldn’t you agree that the job with the promising young quarterback and far fewer big, aging commitments is the better one? Wouldn’t lacking a Marshall in the locker room make that even better?

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