by Jiimmy

It's surely a hard day and night. Oh yeah, been focus on my company's current project, co-op with another mobile partner. The remade version is on its way. Almost ready. :). Also have a talk with their top head, another offer was made, but not decided yet. There are more candy to come. I know it. Easily accept things when it hasn't shaped yet is somehow a wrong way.  Bring each others more candies, more cakes then we'll both have a party one day. Rite ?

It's good when working hard and see the product come out. That moment is precious. Can't forget even one :D.

PS: How many milo cups do you have in one week ? Like Milo ? Cause I have just bought one pack, for 30K VND. Having a Milo at midnight is cool. :)) Love it's kisses.