☁take a look at my new driving glasses

by Jiimmy


I’ve found very nice driving glasses that perfectly protect from bright sunlight, and they are also so stylish, just take a look website

Cheers, Nguyen Thanh Hai

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ICS L86 no bout a doubt it (reference to a book hehe). I’ve intentionally dropped this thing because I had to fiddle with my PC and didn’t really care since I know this thing is solid as fuck. Not even a scratch on it. I haven’t had a single problem with it (other than a fucked up motor height adjustment screw but that is now fixed after I RMA’d it) But this one hasn’t failed me once. Seriously, the ICS L85/L86 series are highly underused and they are so god damn solid, and perform better than any other gun on the field that I’ve seen. I agree with /u/TorinoFermic with his choice. I’ve used the L85 before and it performs almost exactly as my L86 does except the fact that the L86 shoots farther and is more accurate.

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